New Canfield Connector Inclinometer Sensor (EiS) Enhances Measurement Accuracy

The new Electronic Inclinometer Sensor (EiS) series measure the slope, tilt or elevation of an object with respect to gravity by using intelligence to create an artificial horizon. This sensor is valuable for safety and energy applications, as well as any other environment where incline has to be precisely measured or governed. Designed and manufactured in Youngstown, Ohio, each inclinometer passes through a rigorous and extensive testing process. These inclinometers are available in versions that measure one or two axes of incline and can report angles within 0.3° of accuracy.



• Optimal adjusting angles for solar panels
• Alerting indicator to prevent vehicle or machine from tipping
• Aids in movement measuring for civil engineering needs
• Measures angle of drilling in well logging
• Measuring range of motion in the joints of the body


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TOSIBOX - The new era of easy and secure remote access

We believe that success in the era of the internet of things is simply a matter of connections. That’s why our mission and passion is to create the world’s best and most secure remote connections between devices. This is why we created TOSIBOX® – the world’s first user-friendly remote access solution.

A device that lets you secure your business.


TOSIBOX® is a masterpiece of Finnish engineering, a patented innovation, a solution that lets you forget about data security and connections. With it you will save time and money, and be able to concentrate on what’s important – your business. TOSIBOX® – the new standard of secure remote connections.


TOSIBOX® Lock 200

TOSIBOX® Lock 200 is an intelligent remote access and networking device that serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections. Devices connected to the Lock are securely accessed over the Internet and most LAN and WAN networks through an encrypted VPN connection. NAT and firewall friendly, the Lock’s patented Plug & Go connection method takes you out of the box and into use in less than 5 minutes, without the need for software installations, network configurations or special skills.

TOSIBOX® Lock 200 is especially designed for industrial environments and its robust housing offers better installation possibilities e.g. on DIN rails. In addition, the Lock 200 brings improved VPN throughput (up to 15 Mb/s), a new streamlined web user interface, and PoE functionality. The Lock 200 is fully compatible with all existing TOSIBOX® products so the users can mix them freely with their existing system.


TOSIBOX® Key 100

TOSIBOX® Key is an intelligent cryptoprocessing device that enables a secure connection between your computer and one or more TOSIBOX® Locks, giving you full visibility and control over the network devices connected to the Lock. Connections are established through a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel over the Internet or other common WANs and LANs, and permissions can be easily granted, revoked and configured in an unlimited number of ways.


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AVENTICS Valve systems, ES05 Essential Valve, AV Series, HF Series.

The new ES05 is the simple solution for elementary pneumatics

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatics applications and industrial automation.
Simple, flexible and efficient – without bells and whistles. Read More »




















Easy Installation
High Flexibility
Easy Configuration
High Quality
Optimised Storage Costs




AVENTICS Clean Line Air Valves, Series CL03.

High pressure wash down capability

In the food processing and packaging industry there is a need for air valve systems featuring hygienic design, the ability to withstand aggressive detergents and chemicals, and high protection class. A high degree of modularity and flexibility are further essential requirements for these applications. The Clean Line, CL03 pneumatic directional control valve, from AVENTICS meets all of these. The hygienically designed CL03 is available in the standard manifold version CL03, a higher flow version CL03-XL and in a single subbase version CL03-EV. Factory-assembled and tested manifolds can be up to 16 stations/32 solenoids in either discrete multi-pin or direct fieldbus connection. Read More »


Rated IP-69K for high-pressure wash down

  • Optimal corrosion resistance
  • No protective cabinet required
  • Design custom valve manifolds online




Clippard EFB Series Electronic Fill & Bleed Circuit

A Fill and Bleed Circuit is a combination of pneumatic valve components used to inflate a volume or apparatus in one controllable function and to release or vent pressure in a second controllable function. Fill and bleed circuits are commonly used in many applications where a particular pressure, firmness, or position can be controlled with the addition or venting of pressure. Perfect for fast prototyping of fill and bleed applications. Used to inflate a volume or apparatus in one controllable function and to release or vent pressure in a second controllable function. We offer many variations of pre-assembled circuits or manifold only for specifying any Clippard valve that fits the application. Read More »


Compact, robust design
Extremely fast response
Exceptionally long life
Multiple flow & pressure options
Variety of power & connection options

ROHS compliant



Clippard GNV Series Needle Valves

Needle Valves are used to control the rate of flow in a pneumatic system by allowing flow in both directions. That's about it... It's a needle valve. It can be a bit difficult to differentiate such a simple component. So why is ours so great? Simple. It says Clippard on the side. With that comes the assurance that the component is of the highest quality and made by the best people in our industry. A fantastic new offering for you to go sell today! Read More »


Provide bidirectional flow control
Rugged & compact design
Multiple mounting options
360˚ rotating ports
ENP brass construction

Ideal for use with Push-Quick Fittings


Clippard PQ Flow Controls Series

PQ-FV In-Line Flow Controls can be easily added to existing circuitry and are lightweight and compact in size. Since it is a tube-to-tube connection, in-line flow controls may be installed as a meter-in or meter-out device. The PQ-C Elbow Controls are ideal for low cost and lightweight applications when mounting directly to an NPT port on a cylinder or valve is required. In the meter-out versions, intake air flows freely through the flow control; exhaust air is metered out through an adjustment screw. With the meter-in series, air is metered in through an adjustment screw; exhaust air flows freely. Control is varied through a finely threaded adjustment screw. A locking nut is provided so it can be secured in its final setting. Read More »


Small, compact size
Design flexibility and fast    response
Complete rotation of the valve body around the bolt allows for optimum    positioning of tubing
Special adjustment needle design allows large adjustment ranges with high    precision
Ideal for use with polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene and   polypropylene tubing


Medium: Air
Pressure Range: 0 to 150 psig
Vacuum: 0 to 29.5" Hg
Ports: #10-32, 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT,
3/8" NPT, 1/2" NPT
Adjustment: Knurled knob
Material: Electroless Nickel-plated brass, plastic resin, stainless steel gripper ring, Nitrile seals


New Colder LQ6 Liquid Cooling Connectors

Designed specifically for liquid cooling applications, the LQ6 Series Couplings are the first of their kind, utilizing new patent-pending liquid cooling valve technology. The guaranteed closed-system design provides ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections able to withstand long-term, repeated use. Dripless quick disconnect couplings from CPC feature automatic non-spill shutoff valves and integral terminations for safety, ease-of-use and reliability. Colder offers multiple options for materials, configurations, sizes and valves and custom solutions to meet unique needs... Read More »


Non-spill design
Redundant sealing when    connected
No seal friction in connected    state
Rotation allows movement

Disconnect underpressure with no spills
Extra protection from leaks Instant visual difference in cooling lines
Ultra-reliable protection from drips at disconnect even after long periods in    connected state
Able to withstand long-term, repeated use
Eliminates tube kinking


New! Colder Hybrid Connectors with Higher Flow

Now available with four times the flow and higher pressure capabilities in the same package – Hybrid Connectors integrate air lines, electrical connections and fluid lines into a single, compact connection point for remote tools on medical devices and equipment. Hybrid connectors feature multiple dry-break couplings and an easy-to-use twist latch for secure, repeatable connection of multiple lines. Eliminating the potential for misconnecting tubing and wires, Colder's Hybrid options reduce multiple connections and allow clinicians or patients to quickly and easily change or replace modular tools, umbilicals or hand pieces... Read More »



















Hybrid Connectors integrate air lines, electrical connections and fluid lines into a single, compact connection point for remote tools on medical devices and equipment. Eliminating the potential for misconnecting tubing and wires, Colder's Hybrid Connector platform options reduce multiple connections and allow clinicians or patients to quickly and easily change or replace modular tools, umbilicals or hand pieces.

Large Format Hybrid Connector – Now available with four times the flow capacity, this connector features multiple dry-break couplings and easy-touse twist latch for secure, repeatable connection of multiple lines.

Increases safety and makes systems more user friendly.
Eliminate fluid drips upon disconnect and minimize air inclusion
Reduces multiple components
Minimizes engineering design and manufacturing effort
Flexibility to add additional fluid connector or electrical contacts




Camozzi News 2013

The Camozzi solenoid valves encompass a wide range of sizes and models created in response to the needs of the market within pneumatic automation and fluid control (fluids and gases). The valves are available 2/2-way or 3/2-way NC - NO or in proportional control version, to offer a major operational flexibility.
The high quality of the material, together with the assembling and test procedures guarantee reliability and endurance while the reduced dimensions allow the
valves to be easily integrated into more complex systems, optimizing dimensions and weight. The valves have been designed to fulfil the following criteria:
quick response time, high precision and repeatability. On request the valves can be delivered as pre-assembled units, resulting in plug & play systems that can be easily integrated and connected within more complex applications. In addition to the standard versions, customised models have also been developed to meet individual customer specifications.


Series AP-621L

The new AP-621L..., which enriches the range of proportional solenoid valves Series AP, is suitable for the control of low flows of gaseous fluids, guaranteeing high precision. They are available in size 16 mm and with different orifice dimensions. The PWM or current command signal, and the particular construction characteristics allow these micro-solenoid valves to reach very low HYSTERESIS values, high REPEATABILITY and SENSIBILITY and an actuation with negligible stick-slip phenomena... Read More »



The directly operated solenoid valves for general use Series CFB STAINLESS
STEEL 2/2-way NC present as the ideal solution for a large variety of applications
whereby the environment and fluids used can be particularly aggressive
and contaminating. They are suitable for liquid and gaseous fluids and
their functioning is determined by a directly operated poppet which ensures
high reliability even in harsh working conditions... Read More »



The research and design of new components, including fluid dynamics, is characterized by greater miniaturization whilst maintaining the same flow characteristics, especially regarding solenoid valves. For this specific reason Camozzi has developed a cartridge for the solenoid valve Series K8 size 8mm which enables very high flow performance. This cartridge comes in two versions and is assembled directly to the body of the K8 enabling different valve functions: 2-way and 3-way, normally closed and normally open respectively, which can be applied to single solutions or integrated systems...Read More »



The new solenoid valves Series KN HIGH FLOW are the result of attentive
design, extensive research of materials and innovation during the phases of the industrialization process. The pilots of the new Series KN size 10 mm attain flow performances comparable to those of larger sizes, thanks to an electronic circuit which enables the control of a magnetic force that opens an internal orifice of 1,1 mm. The pneumatic connections adhere to the ISO 15218 standards... Read More »

Series MX2-...-RCE

The continuous evolution of proportional technology and the mix of Camozzi
components generated a new series of proportional valves to control pressure.
The new Series MX2-…-RCE is the result of the combination of high flow
performances, stability and strength of the regulator Series MX2, with the
compactness and high dynamism of proportional regulators Series K8P.
The new proportional pressure regulator is ideal to be used in applications where the regulation of different pressures is required according to the variation of the inlet signal, whilst ensuring high flow rates and the best regulation stability obtained thanks also to the feedback of the electronics containted in the K8P...Read More »


Positioning Feedback Cylinder Series 6PF

Aiming to increase both precision and control in the actuation resulted in the development of the new pneumatic actuators Series 6PF. In compliance with the ISO 15552 standards, they are equipped with a potentiometric transducer of a linear position integrated inside the rod. This type of cylinder makes it possible, along the entire stroke, to constantly control the position of the rod. The sturdy design, the flexible installation and the high performance render these cylinders suitable for use in applications such as: tensioning cylinders, positioning cylinders and filling, cutting and measuring systems... Read More »


MEAD Isonic MOD 3 Valve

With an innovative concept and a pioneering approach to valve design, Mead's new technology has directly challenged the conventions of traditional valve manufacturers. In doing so, Mead has overcome many of the restrictions and limitations of conventional valve manufacturing, resulting in a unique design that minimizes valve size, reduces air turbulence and lowers valve costs...Read More »

Features And Benefits:•

Fast Response
•• Simultaneous Electrical / Pneumatic Connection to Manifold
• Thermoplastic - Non Metallic
• Compact & Lightweight
• Low Power Consumption
• High Resistance to Chemicals
• Aerodynamic Flow Passages
• Quick-Change Valve System
• 1/4” or 6mm Integral Push-In Fittings
•• Pre-Wired Serial (15 or 25 Pin) Manifold Socket
•• No Tools or Lubrication Needed
•• Optional Separate Main & Air Pilot Air Feed
• Mount Free Standing, DIN Rail or Panel
•• Field Bus Controllable






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