ITT Enidine Inc., headquartered in Orchard Park, NY, is a premier supplier of engineered Mechanical Shock Absorbers, Vibration Isolation Products, Noise Attenuation Products as well as Deceleration Devices and products for Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuation and Motion Control applications. Our products can be found in use throughout the global Industrial, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Defense, Rail, Automation and Infrastructure markets.

With our Enidine, Neo-Dyn, Conoflow, Compact Automation and branded product lines, we offer a broad range of custom products to extend equipment life, improve comfort and increase safety and reliability. ITT Enidine Inc. products offer the widest range of standard and custom energy absorption, vibration isolation and noise attenuation products solutions today.



Linear Products (Gate Valve Actuators, NFPA Cylinder, NFPA Shot Pin)

Linear Products (Gate Valve Actuators, NFPA Cylinder, NFPA Shot Pin)

ITT creates innovative products such as industry standard and custom pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and accessories. Turn-Act staff are on hand to provide you with the support and service you have come to expect when your critical application demands quality and proven performance.


Rotary Products (Rotary Actuators, Multi Motion Devices)

Under the Turn-Act brand, ITT is a market-leading manufacturer of space-efficient rotary product solutions including, industry standard and custom pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and accessories. With Turn-Act's 16 patents, ITT has manufactured over 50,000 modified and custom designs.

Turn-Act Pneumatic Shaker Cylinder Systems

Turn-Act Pneumatic Shaker Cylinder Systems

Turn-Act Shaker systems are pneumatically driven feeder/beltless conveyor systems. These systems are ideal for the stamping industry or other parts transfer and scrap removal applications.

6 base models to choose from:

• ½ to 2 ½ inch Bores

• Tray loads to 50 pounds

• Maximum loads to 140 pounds

As compared to traditional conveyor systems, Turn-Act "shaker" systems save time and money.


Workholding Cylinders, Pneumatic Grippers

Workholding Cylinders, Pneumatic Grippers

Workholding cylinders function to secure materials or parts that require work to be performed on them such as machining and processing. There are many different types of work holding products including pneumatic grippers, intensifiers, twist cylinders, collet closers and pin-act cylinders.


Each of these products offer particular advantages for specific applications, and are often utilized in the industrial automation, medical, electronics industries and more.

New Products

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Gate Valve Actuators

Aluminum Components – 2-1/2" through 12" Bore
The end plates and piston are made from high strength Aluminum. Combined with an Aluminum or composite cylinder tube the ITT GV actuators are over 50% lighter than actuators constructed from steel components. The end plates are black hard coat anodized for high corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Rounded Corners - 2-1/2" through 24" Bore
All end plates have rounded versus sharp corners
to minimize the potential for injury when handling the actuator.

Wear Band Piston
Piston includes a wear band to support the weight of the piston and rod assembly as well as to handle side loading. The wear band also serves to prevent the over compression of the piston seal and practically eliminates compression set of the piston seal during long idle periods.


New Product Configuration Tool

New Inch Product Configuration Tool availalbe from Compact Automation, Check it out at:


Guided Cylinders & Rod Cylinders

Guided Cylinders & Rod Cylinders

GC2000 series guided cylinders with include guided air cylinders and guided rod cylinders eliminate rod rotations and increase side-load bearing capabilities which set it apart from conventional non-rotating cylinders. It also designed for shorter strokes, limited space applications, enhanced torsion and direct side load performance.


The GS series guided slides are identical to the guided cylinders with the exception of the cylinders body. The GC3000 and GC4000 series compact air cylinders are designed to be space and cost efficient as they bridge the gap between ball bearing slides and zero load bearing non-rotating cylinders.

Custom Cylinders from Turn-Act

Custom Cylinders from Turn-Act

For more than a quarter of a century, Compact Automation has distinguished itself as a premier manufacturer of performance automation products. During that time, Turn-Act has engineered more than 22,000 custom designs, and that number continues to grow.

• Low Friction Material
• Low Pressure Hydraulic Service
• Custom Frame and Hollow Rod
• Oversized Rod and Special Bushings
• Plastic Body Cylinder
• Custom Guided Cylinder
• Handtool Actuator
• Clamp and Press Applications

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