One-Touch Fittings

• Functional One-Touch design facilitates an instant

  tubing connection.

• Elliptical sleeve configuration is ideal for Pneumatic   installations in a confined space.

• Simple manual pressure on the elliptical sleeve   results in an instant tubing disconnection.

• Nickel-plated metallic body provides resistance   against corrosion and contamination over time.

• Various models are available in both inch and
   metric sizes.


• Ace Couplers
• Minor Couplers
• HP Couplers
• Mold Couplers
• Light Couplers

Speed Controllers

• Speed Controllers precisely permit the optimal rate   of airflow for the smooth cylinder movement of a   driving device.

• The compact design provides a comparable range   of speed as the larger standard speed controllers   do.

• Compact and light body is suitable for pneumatic   applications where space is at a minimum.

• Unidirectional airflow is available for either exhaust   or inlet flow control methods.

Rotary Joints

• Two embedded bearings better accomodate high   speed rotation and swinging of pneumatic connections.

• Built in bearing accomodates the rotation and swinging of pneumatic connections.

• Rotary joints are constructed to fairly withstand the   vibration of tubing movements.

New Products


SPC is offering a special price on all 8mm PPM fittings, the Bulkhead Union in plastic. PPM08 is convertible to PPM5/16" and lighter than PMM, bulkhead union in metal.



SPC Trade would like to introduce the new item called G-Thread.


• Functional one-touch design facilitates an instant   tubing connection.
• BSPP - British Standard Pipe Parallel, universal   thread.
• Threading is straight, in order to seal fully requires   an o-ring.
• O-Ring prevents from leakage.

• Does not require sealant or Teflon tape.
• Seals tight through the O-Ring, not the threads.



• Check Valves - only permit the uni-directional   airflow in the opposite direction.

Ball Valves - suitable for pneumatic applications in   the completely open or closed positions.

Hand Valves - designed to regulate air flow   manually.



• Ace Coupler - uni-directional shut-off coupler with   an automatiic shut-off valve built in the socket.

Minor Coupler - light and easy to use because it's   made from zinc.

HP Coupler - Bi-directional shut-off coupler with an   automatic shut-off valve built in the socket and plug



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