Flexi-Sensor (Fuel and Water Sender)

Royce Industries Flexi-Sensor (Fuel and Water Sender)

Not your average Sender

• Durable (shock resistant)
• Up-Gradable output options
• Field Serviceable
• Custom tank Calibration available

The Royce Flexi-Sensor is a rugged Fuel or Water sender that is field replaceable without breaking the sender to tank seal. At first glance it may look like just another float style sender. But if you look closer you'll find what you've been looking for. Royce has taken the proven float and reed switch technology to a whole new level. Designed with the Marine Industry in mind.

Smart-Cap System

Royce Industries Smart-Cap System

Help Prevent Fuel Spills by monitoring actual tank levels

• Adjustable high level alarm
• Automatic System Activation
• Compatible with new and existing instrumentation
• Winner of the IBEX Environmental Award


This patented alarm system takes the Guess Work out of the re-fueling process. It gives the boater a tool to help fill the fuel tank to a predetermined level without overfilling that tank and spilling fuel onto the deck or into the water.

Fuel & Water Gauges

Royce Industries Fuel & Water Gauges

Built rugged to last with a Lifetime limited warranty!

• 2" black anodized bezel
• High quality, perimeter-lighted black dial with bold   black graphics
• Contoured black pointer with flat glass lens


Our high quality Fuel and Water gauges are engineered to be accurate, reliable and easy-to-read. For the ultimate experience use a Royce Fuel or Water Senders in conjunction with Royce gauges. You will find the accuracy most assuring!


Standard Single-Point Level Switches

Royce Industries Standard Single-Point Level Switches

The Royce LS-0200 series includes a variety of level sensors to meet your application needs. Materials range from miniature plastics to medium and large stainless steel. Sensors are available to handle your different environment temperatures, pressures and voltage requirements.


• Miniature level switch perfect for small spaces
• Level Switch with Ultra-Low actuation point
• Extended Length Plastic Level Switch
• Stainless Steel - Level Switch
• Small / Large Level Switches – Buna Float
• Side Mount Level Switches - Plastic/Stainless Steel

Other Product form Royce Industries

Royce Industries Multi-Point Level Switches

Multi-Point Level Switches


For applications that require more level sensing data. We can customize your level switch with multiple actuation points starting at 2 points all the way to continuous 1/2" or 1" resolution. Each point can be configured to measure the correct liquid level and provide the proper switching logic for your electronics.


We offer many materials, mounting types and float options. You provide us the specifications and we will supply a sensor that meets or exceeds all of the application parameters. Media compatibility, temperature, pressure and electrical needs will all be evaluated for the best possible solution.


• Accurate and Reliable operation
• Variety of mounting types
• Material options- Plastics, Brass & Stainless Steel
• Multi-Point or Continuous output options
• Wide selection of Float Options
• Custom Designed Sensors available



Royce Industries Custom Designs


Custom Designs

When a more advanced solution is required. Royce can work with your Engineering team to develop a complete custom design. We can provide a complete assembly including tanks or bottle reservoirs, siphon tubes, draw and fill fittings, tubing harnesses, wire termination and many other options.


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