NOSHOK produces pressure gauges for all types of mechanical equipment. The design of the new facility incorporates a high-tech industrial look using unusual materials. Curved glass walls play against solid masonry to delineate between office and production. The second floor of offices looks down into the first creating opportunities for capturing natural light. Future growth can be accommodated in the overall 50,000s.f. including the 10,000 s.f. devoted to the front office headquarters.

The landscaping for this facility continues the high quality design and materials with a man-made feature pond at the front of the building. This pond has precast modular block walls, with three feature fountains and creatively placed accent lighting. The use of curved elements on the interior is continued outside with the free-flowing pond, as well as a circular sitting area featuring stainless steel flagpoles.

Noshok Headquarters


Pressure & Level

Pressure Managment

Pressure Gauges

■ Dial Indicating
■ Digital
■ Diffirential
■ Sanitary


Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

■ Industrial
■ Hasardous Location
■ Sanitary
■ Transmitter/Switch


Pressure Switches

■ Mechanical
■ Electronic


Level Managment

■ Industrial
■ Hasardous Location


Dial Indicating Thermometers

■ Bimetal

■ Vapor Actuated Remote


Electronic Temperature Measurement

■ Platinum Resistance

■ Digital Indicators

■ Electronic Indicating

■ Transmitter / Switch


Industrial Resistance Temperature Devices

■ Probe Type RTD

■ Probe Type RTD with Connection Head

■ RTD Transmitter



■ Thermowells


Mechanical Force Measurement

■ Hydraulic Load Cells


Electronic Force Measurement

■ Load Pins

■ Tension & Compression

■ Force Transducer

■ S-Type Tension & Compression Force Transducer

■ Custom Force Sensors

■ Chain Hoist Test Kit

■ Weld Force Test Kit


Needle Valves

■ Mini Hard Seat \ Mini Soft Tip

■ Multiport Hard \ Mini Soft Seat

■ Block & Bleed \ 2 Valve Block & Bleed

■ 3 Valve Double Block & Bleed


Manifold Valves

■ 2-Valve Static Pressure

■ 2-Valve Liquid Level

■ 2-Valve Meter

■ 2-Valve Differential Pressure

■ 2-Valve Natural Gas





Noshok New Products

NEW Flare Pattern™ Manifold Valves

Noshok's Flare Pattern™ valve configuration is available on our 5-valve natural gas manifold valves. The equalization valves and vent valve on these manifold are angled to provide maximum clearance for fingers during operation. All NOSHOK manifold valves are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty and are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performnce and reliability.


Noshok Solution for Pump Shut-Off Protection

NOSHOK provides a variety of application-focused assemblies to the water & wastewater industry, including an all non-metallic diaphragm seal & pressure transmitter/switch. This tested and proven solution is used in multiple municipalities, and replaces much larger & heavier gauge/switch/diaphragm seal assemblies for pump shut-off protection.

This assembly delivers a high level of repeatability and durability, and includes an electronic indicating pressure transmitter with two alarms protected by a corrosion-resistant, chemically inert PTFE-coated diaphragm with a PVC, PP or Kynar lower housing - with one simple connection.

Its compact size and light weight significantly decreases possible leak paths, and with no moving parts to wear out, this instrument assembly provides a significantly extended service life over mechanical analog systems.


Diaphragm Seals


Standard & Elevated

Pressure, Bolted

Reduced Pressure

Non-Metalic, Bolted

Flow-Through Annular Style



All Non-Metalic

Sanitary, Clamped Style

ASME-BPE Front Flush

Standard & Elevated Pressure

High Volumetric

■ Displacement

Bolted Reduced Pressure

Non-Metallic Lower




Pressure Gauge Options & Accessories

Digital Indicators & Pressure Snubbers

Swivel Adapter & Steam Syphons

Magnetic Spring Contact Switch

M12 x 1 Optional Connectors & Cable



Cage-Protected Submersible Accessories



Pressure Switches Accessories

RTD Accessories

Dial Indicating Thermometer Options



Needle & Manifold Valves Options & Accessories


Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm Seals Accessories

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    Controls For Automation, Inc.
    25 Constitution Drive, Taunton,MA 02780
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    Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm (EST)

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