NewAge Industries manufacturing headquarters is located in Southampton, PA just a few miles north of Philadelphia where we are one of the premier manufacturers and fabricators of plastic tubing and hose and a supplier of fittings and clamps. The company started as a dream of Raymond Baker back in 1954.

We are an extended family of people working together to bring you excellence in service and in the high quality tubing, hose, and fittings products you need. From our manufacturing, customer service, sales, engineering, and all of our other teams, NewAge Industries is dedicated to give you our best.

High quality, selection, quick delivery, old-fashioned personal service, and a fair price. These are the principles that founder Raymond Baker built his company upon, and these principles are what we believe customers look for in a supplier today.

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Plastic Tubing and Hose

Plastic Tubing and Hose

Our plastic tubing & rubber hose is available in many different configurations to suit a wide variety of applications. We carry a huge inventory for same-day shipment.

■ PVC - Clearflo®, Nylobrade®, Newflex®,    Vardex®, Clear-40®

■ POLYURETHANE - Superthane®, Superthane®,    Urebrade®

■ NYLON - Nylotube®

■ POLYETHYLENE - Zelite, Polyethylene-lined EVA     tubing


■ FLUOROPOLYMER - Fluoropolymer Tubing, AWG &     Fractional PTFE Tubing, Coiltef®, Corrtef®, Contef®

■ TPR - Suprene®

■ VITON® - Vitube®

■ SILICONE - Silcon®, Silbrade®, Silcon® Medical,     Silbrade®, Silvac®, Silcon® Med-X

■ HYTREL® - lined PVC tubing

■ LATEX - Newtex



Plastic & Brass Barbed Fittings, Push-to-Connect Tube Fittings, PFA Compression Fittings, Cam and Groove Hose Couplings


Many types of fittings can be used with plastic and rubber tubing and hose. Our goal is to offer a good cross-section of fittings to efficiently connect our tubing and hose products.

■ Thermobarb® - Plastic Multi-Barbed Fittings
■ Thermobarb® - FDA PP Barbed "Y" Fittings
■ Thermobarb® - Brass Barbed Fittings
■ SafeAir® - Two-Stage Air Coupler
■ Newloc® Acetal - Plastic Push-to-Connect Fittings
■ Newloc® Brass - Brass Push-to-Connect Fittings
■ Pureloc® - PFA Compression Fittings
■ Couplings - Plastic Cam and Groove Fittings - Cam    Operated Couplings


Clamps & Accessories

Clamps & Accessories
Stainless Steel Clamps, Plastic Hose Clamps, Tubing & Hose Cutters


In order to complete a tubing or hose installation, the use of clamps and accessories is typically necessary.




■ Oetiker® Clamps - Ear Type Clamps
■ Kwik Clamps - Nylon Double Bond Hose Clamps
■ Worm Gear Clamps - Stainless Steel Clamps




■ Pinch Clamps - Plastic Clamps to shut off flow in    tubing
■ Easycut - Plastic Tubing & Hose Cutter
■ Minicut - Plastic Tubing & Hose Cutter
■ PTFE Thread Sealant - for Metal & Plastic Threaded    Fittings


Custom & Fabrication

Custom & Fabrication

Going beyond basic tubing, hose, and fittings has been an integral part of NewAge Industries' business for many years. Many of our stock product lines began as a special customer request.

NewAge Industries possesses the capabilities and experience to create custom parts perfectly suited to your application. Post-extrusion fabrication and hose assembly opens another range of options for providing parts to your exact specifications at a reasonable cost.

■ Custom Extrusions
■ Custom Coiling
■ Hot Bond® - Thermal Bonding
■ Heat Formed Shapes
■ Fabrication Services - Cutting, Slitting, Printing, etc.
■ Overbraiding & Jacketing
■ Hose Assemblies
■ Dip Molded Tubing




Newage Industries Featured Products

Nylobrade® Reinforced PVC Tubing

Nylobrade® Reinforced PVC Tubing

Nylobrade, the original braid reinforced PVC hose, was introduced to the U.S. in 1956 by Raymond Baker, founder of NewAge Industries, Inc.

For decades Nylobrade has been used for liquid, air, and gas transfer in applications involving chemicals, foods and beverages, OEM, toys, pneumatics, low pressure hydraulics, MRO, pools and spas, medical devices, fuels and oils, and instrumentation. It is also used as protective jacketing.


nsf logoNylobrade recently gained NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for potable water (NSF 61) and food equipment (NSF 51), allowing its use in these closely and carefully regulated applications.




Nylotube® Nylon-12 Tubing

Nylotube® Nylon-12 Tubing

Nylon has been recognized as a rugged engineering plastic since its development by E. I. DuPont in the 1930s. Aimed as a substitute for metal, nylon's light weight and corrosion and abrasion resistance have made it an attractive design choice.


NewAge® Industries' NYLOTUBE® is offered in two formulations, nylon-11 and nylon-12. Nylon-12 is typically used in various industrial applications and is somewhat less expensive than nylon-11. Nylon's elastic memory is exceptional and can withstand repeated flexing over a long period of time without fatigue or fracture. This makes it a popular choice for retractable coils. NYLOTUBE also offers high-impact resistance, even at subfreezing temperatures, and low moisture absorption to minimize dimensional instability.

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