Master Pneumatic filters
Filters, Coalescing, Adsorber & Dryers

Master Pneumatic filters to meet your compressed air filtration requirements for clean air by removing water, particulants and/or oil. Select general purpose filters with micron ratings of 5 um, 20 um or 40 um to remove water and particulate material. Coalecing filters remove oil and solid contaminants with 0.3 to 0.01 micron elements. To remove air line vapors add an adsorbing filter. They produce air that is virtually free of oil and hydrocarbon vapors removing orders from alcohols, esters and ketones.

Choose one of our Clean Air Packages to easily combine all three of these filters into one assembly. For point of use cleaning and drying try our Filenco dryer filters which use clay desicant, activated carbon or molecular sieves.

General purpose compressed air filters remove water and particulate material from the air stream to protect downstream equipment from contamination. As air enters the filter, internal baffles create a swirling motion to the air so that entrained dirt and liquids are thrown against the sides of the filter bowl and then fall to the sump area at the bottom of the bowl.


Master Pneumatic regulators
Regulators, Internal, External, & Piloted

Master Pneumatic regulators are made in a wide range of sizes to suit nearly all industrial requirements for pneumatic pressure regulation. Good pressure regulation is essential to the efficient use of pneumatic equipment. A compressor may supply air at 150 psig, but most of the equipment will operate best at lower pressures. A cylinder, for example, may develop sufficient force for its purpose with 50- psig air. Remember that compressed air is costly, so using higher air pressure than necessary is wasteful, and may also shorten the life of the cylinder. A general purpose pressure regulator is the answer for greater economy and efficiency.


• General Purpose Regulators
• Precision and Internal Regulators
• Externally Pilloted Regulators
• Water Pressure Regulators

• CO2 / NItrogen Regulators
• Relief Valves

• Servo Valves


Master Pneumatic Air Line Lubricators

Air line lubricators are designed to introduce atomized oil into the air line so that downstream mechanisms can be adequately lubricated. Lubricators should be adjusted so that the minimum amount of oil to lubricate the equipment is used. Excess oil will simply be blown into the atmosphere and pollute the environment.

There are two basic designs used in Master Pneumatic lubricators: sight-feed design and wick-feed design. Illustrations of these two types of assembly are shown on the facing page.

• L10 Sentry Modular Wick-feed

• L50 Miniature Wick-feed

• L60D Guardsman Modular Sight-feed

• BL70D Guardsman II Modular Sight-feed

• L28D Full-Size Vanguard Modular Sight-feed

• L28W Full-Size Vanguard Modular Wick-feed

• L380D Full Size Modular Sight-feed

• L29D High-Flow Vanguard Sight-feed

• L100 High-Flow Vanguard Wick-feed

• BL237D High-FLow Vanguard Sight-feed


Integral Filters / Regulators

Master Pneumatic Integral Filters and Regulators

The integration of a general purpose fi lter and a pressure regulator into a single module provides the compactness needed where space is limited. These integral filter/regulators are offered by Master Pneumatic in port sizes from 1/8 up to 3/4 along with models equipped with quick-connect fittings for tubing from 1/4 up to 10 mm. The regulator is the top portion of the assembly, and the filter is the bottom portion. All sizes have essentially the same operating characteristics as their corresponding individual filters and regulators.


All filter/regulators include an internal automatic filter drain and a pressure gauge as standard equipment. Regulators are self relieving, and have gauge ports front and rear. Nonrelieving models are also available. Available options are the same as those for the corresponding individual filters and regulators. They include regulating springs for various pressure ranges, metal filter bowls, and sintered bronze filter elements in several µm ratings.

New Products

High Relief Pilot Operated Regulator HPR100 and HPR180

High Relief Pilot Operated Regulator HPR100 and HPR180


The High-Relief Pilot Operated Regulator is designed for systems that require high flow, relief and pressure regulations. These units can be installed in an inaccessible location with control regulator in an accessible location.


• Inline Mounting
• Diaphragm design
• Optional Pressure Gauges
• NPTF port threads: Optional BSPP threads
• Flow rates exceed 400 scfm
• High Relief characteristics up to 200 scfm



V382 and V383 Lockout Valves

V382 and V383 Lockout Valves


Master Pneumatic has released two new lockout valves. The V382 is a 2 position 3 way valve and the V383 is the Delayed Pressure Buildup version. These valves can be modulary mounted to our Series 380 or used in any system with 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4" pipe. These new valves are compact and have high flow characteristics from inlet to outlet and through the exhaust port.

The V382 and V383 are available with downstream pressure sensing accessories, mufflers, and NPTF or BSPP ports. The exhaust port is greater than, or equal to the inlet/outlet ports.


Lubricators, Injection; Serv-Oil ® &
Micro Lubrication

Serv-Oil Micro Lubrication

SERV-OIL is the most advanced system for the precision lubrication of pneumatic equipment. It has been used for over thirty years to provide lubrication to all kinds of pneumatic equipment and various fixtures, bearings, slides and ways. It overcomes the control problems that can be encountered with conventional mist lubricators. It also ensures proper lubrication of pneumatic components in complex circuits, and accurately delivers lubricant to points at a long distance from lubricator.

Positive displacement oil injectors called Servo-Meters are the heart of Serv-Oil equipment. They put pre-determined, precise amounts of oil right at the points where lubrication is needed. by compariison, mist lubricators lack the precision and control of a Serv-Oil system.


Extensive tests have shown that when a conventional mist lubricator is installed upstream of a control valve, much of the oil dispensed by the lubricator is exhausted to atmosphere through the exhaust port of the control valve. This is inefficient and also contributes significantly to pollution of plant air. With Serv-Oil equipment the amount of oil used is greatly reduced and lubrication is more effective because of the accuracy with which the oil is delivered.

Combinations of Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Valves

Combinations of Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Valves

The integration of a general purpose filter and a pressure regulator into a single module provides the compactness needed where space is limited. These integral filter/regulators are offered by Master Pneumatic in port sizes from 1/8" up to 3/4" along with SENTRY models equipped with quick-connect fittings for tubing from 1/4" up to 10 mm.

When an integral filter/regulator is paired with a lubricator, joined either by a modular connector or a pipe nipple, the assembly makes a complete FRL with nothing lost in performance, but with the advantage of compactness to fit in tight spaces.


FRL assemblies offer an enormous variety of combinations to fit the needs of almost every filtration, pressure regulation, and lubrication requirement. The FRLs shown in this catalog cover only a portion of these needs in port sizes from 1/8" to 1-1/2". Featured are the configurations most widely used, but FRLs in many other configurations are readily assembled.

General purpose filter-regulator-lubricator assemblies are the most widely used, but other combinations meet a variety of needs. For example, where air line lubrication is not needed, a filter-regulator combination may be sufficient. This can consist of an individual filter and regulator or a compact integral filter/regulator.

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