SERVOTRACK™ Clippard Cylinders



ervoTrackTM technology provides DYNAMIC CLOSED LOOP CONTROL for the ultimate in integrated stepper driver & controller systems..

Linear Actuators

Clippard Electronic Valves

We offer Non-captive, Captive, Electric Cylinder and External Linear Actuators sizes Nema 8 to 34.  We specialize in CUSTOM precision positioning systems.

Rotary Stepper Motors

Clippard Directional Control Valves

We offer CUSTOM rotary stepper solutions in sizes Nema 8 to 34.  Add encoders, brakes, custom shafts, IP rating, custom cabling, and much more.

Can Stack Linear Actuators

Clippard Control Valves

We also specialize in low cost CUSTOMIZED mini stepper linear actuator solutions that are ideal for short linear positioning applications.

Compact Ball Srew Linear Actuators

Clippard Directional Control Valves

Our compact Ball Screw Linear Actuator design reduces form factor, number of components, and assembly time; resulting in high efficiency and precision.

Brushless DC Motors

Clippard Control Valves

We offer a broad range of low cost, CUSTOMIZED BLDC servo motor solutions and matching amplifiers for motion applications requiring higher speeds.

Low Cost Stepper Drives

Clippard Directional Control Valves

Low Cost BLDC Driver/Motor Set

Clippard Control Valves





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