Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinder (air cylinder) is a component that converts pneumatic energy to linear motion and is the most commonly used in pneumatic actuators.
This cylinder can easily convert pressure energy to linear motion. Since using the air which is fluid with compressibility, accurate speed control and position control is slightly difficult, and it also has a demerit of easily being affected by load.

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valve (directional control valve) switches the flowing direction (flow path) of supplied air pressure to cylinder or other actuators in the pneumatic circuit.
Directional control valves are briefly classified into switching valve, non-return valve, check valve and shuttle valve.

Filters, Regulators, Lubricators (FRL's)
and Sensors

Filters, Regulators, Lubricators (FRL's)

• Modular design (FRL's)

Separate type (FRL's)

Small regulators and filters
Precision regulators
Electro pneumatic regulator (electro pneumatic   regulator)

Auxiliary components (pressure gauge/shut-off valve, etc.)

General Purpose Valves, Motor Driven and Air Operated Valves

General Purpose Valves, Motor Driven and Air Operated Valves

• Compact direct acting 2,3 port solenoid valves
• Special purpose direct acting 2, 3 port solenoid   valves
• General purpose 2,3 port solenoid valves
• Explosion proof 2,3 port solenoid valves
• Solenoid valves for high vacuum
• Air operated 2, 3port ball valves
• Motor driven 2,3 port ball valves
• Dust collector control components
• Medical analysis process components
• Gas combustion systems
• Automatic sprinkler control systems

New Products

3QRA1/3QRB1 Series Self hold type

CKD Delivers Mini Desktop Direct Drive Actuator

Responding to the market demand for a small, easy to use desktop direct drive actuator, CKD has added the ABSODEX Mini to its existing AX6000M Series
actuators. The ABSODEX Mini saves space with its minimal and compact design. Measuring just 3 inches tall and less than 2 inches wide, the ABSODEX Mini
performs at less than 3 pounds.


The ABSODEX Mini delivers:
• Productivity improvements
• Work stabilization
• Reduced equipment design time
• Improved equipment reuse
• Miniaturization of existing equipment


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Diaphragm cylinder valve LAD/NAD Series

CKD High Durability Gas Valve Increases Durability by 900%

CKD introduces the AGD-R Series high durability gas valves. The AGD-R Series high durability gas valves are guaranteed for 10 million times of use, but typically exceed 30 million times of use. CKD high durability valves will perform 900% to 2900% more times of use than conventional models that are guaranteed only 1 million times of use.


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SELEX Vacuum System

SELEX Vacuum System

New SELVACS vacuum components
respond to a wide range of applications
from fine workpieces for electronic parts to
large heavy workpieces for
automobile manufacturing.


Vacuum Ejector and Vacuum Systems

The vacuum ejector and vacuum system serve as
the vacuum core. Individual ejector and various types configured from different related devices are available.


Vacuum Pad

Pick up workpieces directly using a vacuum. A variety of materials, shapes, and pad diameters are available to match the target workpiece size, weight, and features.



Direct drive actuator quick response type ABSODEX AX1000T, AX2000T, & AX4000T Series.

Shorter tact time for equipment
Improved response reduces time loss
Reduced start time by linking with peripheral components
Improved Usability
Optimal tuning in no time
Increased I/O signals

Safety Standards
Safety standard certification (Safe Torque Off function)

Overseas Standards
UL/cUL, CE Complant

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