Shaping the future with the power of innovation

Shaping the future with the power of innovation. Industrial automation solutions for gripping, rotating, drive, and control applications: AVENTICS is characterized by reliable components, compact designs, and low-maintenance technology that result in short process times, high energy efficiency, and maximum economy. With “air management”, we have successfully established a process for this on the market.

- Food & Beverage

We offer industry concepts for all applications – food processing and primary packaging (food zone), secondary packaging (splash zone), final packaging (non-food zone) – that comply with even the strictest laws, regulations, and standards.

- Railway Technology

Robust, reliable, durable equipment, size constraints, temperature ranges, energy efficiency: these are a few of the hurdles which solutions from AVENTICS will help you successfully overcome. From braking to actuators, airflow, and control, all your specifications become AVENTICS solutions!

- Life Sciences

For the global health care industry, we offer solutions for low-pressure applications with a high degree of electrical and functional integration. Our dedicated engineering team has unique application expertise in this field.


Customer-specific pneumatic valves and cylinders for commercial vehicles, highquality components for engines, turbochargers, and clutch controls – our product range off ers all this and more.

- Energy

AVENTICS pneumatic valves for mobile and stationary applications in the oil and gas industry are valued for their durability, reliability, and precision, e.g. for vehicle transmissions and cranes




Cylinders and Drives

Aventics / Rexroth Cylinders
Pneumatic cylinders from AVENTICS: rodless cylinders and piston rod cylinders – powerful and versatile with fast delivery

Based on a clear platform strategy, our extensive product range fulfills multiple requirements: from extremely compact cylinders for small handling applications such as the KPZ series, large-dimension standard cylinders such as the PRA-TRB series for the most powerful tasks. We also offer piston rod cylinders or rodless cylinders with guided slides for long strokes. For our ISO cylinders, we offer the modular MSC series sealing system, which enables a simple, fast exchange of the scrapers without removing the cylinder.

Valves and Valve Sytems

Aventics Valves & Valve Systems
Pneumatic valves, manifolds, and fieldbus applications.

Pneumatic valves, valve systems, and fieldbus applications from AVENTICS – research equals precision
This versatile range includes everything from mechanically, pneumatically, and electrically operated single valves to highly complex modular manifolds.

Pressure Regulators

Aventics Pressure Regulators

The optimal pressure for every application, ultra-precise and highly dynamic: Precisely set, dynamically adjusted pressure forms the basis for optimized, energy-efficient processes. AVENTICS offers a range of options, from highly dynamic electropneumatic pressure regulators to simple manual regulators that can be installed directly in the feed lines.



Flow and Check Valves

Aventics Flow & Check Valves

Creating a functionally optimized, reliable pneumatic system requires a variety of function fittings and accessory valves. Our AVENTICS program includes throttle, non-return, logic, and blocking valves with manual and pneumatic release, in many sizes and with many connection variants.




Compressed Air Preparation

Aventics / Rexroth Compressed Air Preparation

Our components prepare compressed air for any application, with functions that go far beyond the standard. Maintenance units from the AS family can be used in all applications with flow rates ranging from 1,200 to 14,500 l/min. They feature high reliability and an easy configuration. Combined with AF1 pressure sensors, compressed air is supplied on demand, enabling a precise overview of costs.

Connection Technologies

Aventics / Rexroth Connection Technologies

Premium connection pieces perfectly complement high-quality machine elements. The "Quick Release" term, i.e. QR, covers the versatile connection range from AVENTICS for all applications and many variants – straight, angled, or as a Y-connector, with threads, or to plug in.


News & Events

ES05 Essential Valve – the advantages at a glance.


• Easy Installation
• High Flexibility
• Easy Configuration
• High Quality
• Optimised Storage Costs

The new ES05 is the simple solution for elementary pneumatics.


ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatics applications and industrial automation. Simple, flexible and efficient – without bells and whistles.


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Clean Line Air Valves, Series CL03 - advantages at a glance.


• Rated IP-69K for high-pressure wash down
• Optimal corrosion resistance
• No protective cabinet required
• Design custom valve manifolds online

High pressure wash down capability


In the food processing and packaging industry there is a need for air valve systems featuring hygienic design, the ability to withstand aggressive detergents and chemicals, and high protection class. A high degree of modularity and flexibility are further essential requirements for these applications. The Clean Line, CL03 pneumatic directional control valve, from AVENTICS meets all of these.


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Sensor Technologies

Clippard Modular Valves

The sensors from AVENTICS allow the piston position on a pneumatic cylinder to be measured with high precision and ease. Thanks to simple mounting, flexible measurement range settings within the maximum range, and a high proximity switching rate, our sensors are ideal for use in demanding automation solutions. Featuring outstanding torsional stability, the sensors from the SM6-AL series are designed for large measurement ranges and optimized for PRA series standard cylinders.

Gripper & Vacuum Technologies

Clippard FRL's

Whether non-contact, mechanical, or vacuum: AVENTICS’ vacuum and gripper technology is well equipped to take on any handling tasks, even those involving delicate surfaces and hard-to-grip materials. One highlight: our non-contact NCT transport system for objects and workpieces weighing up to 1 kg. For gantries, we offer various modular components such as our MSC mini slides for all types of motion and gripping functions. These elements can be tailored to your specific requirements with our online Engineering Tools.

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