Ark-Plas® manufactures over 5,000 different products for a wide range of industries including medical devices, automation, appliances, and automotive, just to name a few. We manufacture plastic fittings, check valves, filters, quick disconnect luers, extruded tubing, extruded grommeting, routing and protection accessories, screw covers, and quick bind hardware.
Ark-Plas® is working every day to give our customers the best quality products at the greatest value possible. Our knowledgeable Sales Department will help our customers meet specific product needs, as well as correct material requirements for specific applications. We are very proud of the fact that every product manufactured, packaged, and shipped from Ark-Plas® is Made in the U.S.A.



Ark-Plas Fittings

Ark-Plas® has been manufacturing plastic fittings in the USA for over 25 years. This experience has allowed Ark-Plas® to expand its fitting product line to supply a vast range of industries. Our current line of plastic fittings include: Premium Grade Fittings, Check Valves, In-Line Filters, Commercial Grade Fittings and Quick Disconnect Luers. We also offer a wide variety of material combinations for all plastic fittings manufactured.


Flexible Tubing.

Ark-Plas Tubing

Ark-Plas® manufactures a complete line of plastic extruded tubing for pneumatic and fluid applications. A variety of materials and sizes available allow for a "custom" fit with standard catalog items.

Materials include Polyurethane, Vinyl (PVC), and Vyplas® for flexible, easily routed plastic tubing, and Polyethylene, Nylon, and Polypropylene for your more rigid, indoor/outdoor applications. Ark-Plas® Plastic Tubing is manufactured in almost every increment from 1/16" ID to 3/8" ID.

Routing and Protection.

Ark-Plas Routing and Protection

Plastic Routing and Protection Accessories are simple, easy to use accessories to help control loose tubing and cables, both during and after assembly. Plastic Routing and Protection Accessories are offered in tough, resilient nylon material, which not only exhibits excellent insulation properties and are highly resistant to most chemicals.

Decirative Screw Covers.

Ark-Plas Decorative Screw Covers

Ark-Plas® Screw Cover line includes Plastic Screw Covers that can be used with many different types of plastic or metal fasteners along with specialized covers designed for specific fastening hardware.

Ark-Plas® has a color chart with over 100 standard colors. All Plastic Screw Covers are available in every color, with some requiring a minimum order amount.

New Products

Ark-Plas Raw Materials


Ark-Plas has revamped its line of Stopcocks for 2014. Ark-Plas Stopcocks feature medical grade materials with a wide range of sterilization capabilities. Available in all configurations of Locking Male, Male Slip and Female, Ark-Plas offers a Stopcock suitable for most applications.


Ark-Plas Stopcocks are molded in virgin, lot traceable materials only. All ports conform to ISO 594-1 and 594-2 standards and are available in every possible 1-way and 4-way configuration of locking male, male slip, and female. 4-way stopcock luers have three ports with a 360° rotating handle. Adjusting the handle to be parallel with two or more ports will allow for flow.


Ark-Plas Standard Colors

Standard Colors.

Each color may vary slightly in tint or shade from the actual screw cover due to variations in monitors and color profiles. We have carefully formuated each color to be as close to the actual color as possible. Please take advantage of our Free Sample offer to better match your application. All colors are UV stabilized.


Quick Binders.

Ark-Plas Quick Binders

Ark-Plas® offers a complete line of reusable and permanent Plastic Quick Binding Hardware. Plastic Quick Binders feature Rapid Assembly Post and Screw, Ratchet Assembly Post and Screw, Ratchet Fasteners, Quick Bind Stack-Loks™, and Nylon Mini Rivets. All assemblies are easy to use and do not require any special tools. Plastic Quick Binders are a perfect solution for binding a wide variety of applications.


Ark-Plas Barcoding and Custom Materials

• Barcoding Options

Ark-Plas® is now offering a standard line of barcoding options to help streamline your Ark-Plas® product handling processes at no charge to you.
• Custom Material Options

Ark-Plas® recognizes that one size does not necessarily fit all. Each catalog item can now be molded in non-standard materials and their variations.

• Custom Printing, Scoring, or Cutting of Extruded Products

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