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TAIYO offers new electric actuator which accrete our technology of Hydraulic and Pneumatic with new technology of electronics and electric such as AC servo actuator, accurate screw fastening system, and electro-hydraulic actuator. TAIYO provides solution for new customer's demand with new and high technologies.



250A-1 Series Pneumatic Cylinders.

250A-1 Series Pneumatic Cylinders

Designed to meet the needs of machine builders
today, tomorrow, and beyond. Over fifty years of
cylinder manufacturing experience has been built
into this lightweight, but durable design.

• NFPA Interchangeable
• High Strength Piston Rod
• Piston rods are hard chrome plated to resist scoring   and corrosion and assure maximum seal life.

U100S-1 Series Hydraulic Cylinders.

U100S-1 Series Hydraulic Cylinders

• Bore size: 0.75" to 4.00"
  (0.75", 1.00", 1.25", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.25", 4.00")
• NPT,PT, and SAE ports are available
• Aluminum Body
• Light weight, compact hydraulic cylinders with   bodies constructed of a special aluminum alloy
• Operating up to 1500 PSI pressure (10Mpa)

U160S-1 Series Hydraulic Cylinders.

U160S-1 Series Hydraulic Cylinders

• Operating at up to 2300 PSI pressure.
• Bore sizes from 20mm (3/4") to 80mm (3-1/4")
• Lightweight, durable and compact hydraulic   cylinders with bodies constructed of a steel.
• With no mounting accessories needed, the mounting   space is smaller then the conventional cylinder.

UTAM Series Air motors.

UTAM Series Air motors

AIRPRO air motors are designed for for use in industrial applications such as powering air driven machinery, raising foundry copes and drags, rotating a turntable, mixing paint, powering cranes, valve actuation and power source for mechanical hands.
Speed could be easily controlled by flow adjustment from 100 r.p.m. up to Max. speed.

New Products

Three Fingers Electric Gripper ESG1 Series

Three Fingers Electric Gripper
ESG1 Series.

We would like to guide you a new variation model of the "Electric Gripper - Three Fingers ESG1 Series" with single cam, as a new product from TAIYO. This extremely compact variation is designed base on the electric gripper series that have received high appraisal from our customer. It realized the high repeatable stop accuracy and the sensitive gripping force control with a special designed cam. "ESG1 Series" with three fingers can use at various application to handle small parts, especially for needs of handling round shape work pieces such as Camera lens, Contact lens, test tube, etc.


160ST-1 Series Cylinder

Compact Tie-rod Hydraulic Cylinder
160ST-1 Series.

We would like to guide you the "Compact Tie-rod Hydraulic Cylinder 160ST-1 Series", as a new product from TAIYO. This "160ST-1 Series" is designed as an compact size tie-rod type to realize the cost perfomance of compact cylinder. It is almost same installation pitch with compact cylinder 160S-1 series, and most of them are interchangeable. And not only the size, it is also succeeded in reducing the weight.


USH Series: Parallel Pnuematic chucks.

USH Series: Parallel Pnuematic chucks

• Parallel grippers (SH3 Series) are designed for use   in industrial applications such as robotics, pick and   place, transfer, clamping and accurate positioning.
• Compact size, light in weight and simple in structure   are features of all models.
• Internally, action lever supported by bearings control   the parellel finger movement. All models (except   SH3-pc02) can be mounted with Auto Switch   capability.

USV Series: Angular Pnuematic chucks.

USV Series: Angular Pnuematic chucks

• Angular gripers (USV2 Series) are designed for use   in industrial applications such as robotics, pick &   place, transfer, clamping and accurate positioning.
• Compact in size, light in weight and simple in   structure are features of all models.
• Al models (except Single Acting/Normally Closed   type) can be mounted with Auto Switch capability.
• Shank side mounting female thread is compatible   with rod male thread of interchangeable cylinder.

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